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Hawley and Sons Construction is a general contractor in Davis, California.  We have over 30 years of experience in contracting.  Our services include residential and commercial construction, home improvement, home repair, maintenance, remodeling, restoration, painting, fire damage repair and much more.  Contact us for a quote to find out how we can serve you today!

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Home Remodeling in Davis, CA

So, you’ve made up your mind to remodel your home in Davis, California! Congratulations! You’ve taken a very good decision. Home improvement projects offer a series of benefits. In addition to beautifying the home, they enhance the worth and value of the property in Davis, California. Also, they let you get rid of major repairs that could turn up into a major disaster. However, merely deciding on a home remodeling task won’t help out. You need someone highly proficient in the job. This is where Hawley and Sons Contracting, a general contractor in Davis, California, steps in to resolve your worries. Such a professional can turn your dreams and desires into realities.

Why Hire Hawley & Sons Construction As Your General Contractor in Davis, CA?

Many homeowners don’t consider the services of a reliable contractor in Davis, California for home improvement tasks. Some of them follow a DIY route. On the flip side, others hire a few daily wage workers for the project. Unfortunately, all of these folks end up with a huge failure. It’s best to avoid such scenarios at any cost. You ought to employ a reliable contractor that will live up to your expectations. Here are the important reasons why you should hire Hawley & Sons Construction as your contractor.

Hawley & Sons Construction, Davis, CA Offers A Variety Of Services

Any homeowner is faced with a variety of challenges in due course of time. During torrential rains, they’ve to deal with flood damages. Similarly, snowfall and windy weather may damage doors and windows. Intense heat could trigger a fire outbreak. The list of issues is virtually endless. It’s important to have a professional that could help out with all such chores. Some folks turn to different services for each of these tasks. In the process, they expend too much time and money.

A general contractor in Davis, California could help out during all such situations. Many homeowners think that a home renovation contractor might be handy in fixing damaged staircases or leaky walls. However, the work scope of any general home improvement contractor is vast. They’re trained to handle a wide range of issues that a homeowner may face.

Whether you need help with painting, fencing, plumbing, lighting, or cooling systems, these professionals are there to offer their expertise. No matter the level and severity of the problem, they can take care of all such problems easily. With a reputed contractor by your side, you don’t have to depend on multiple repairing services for various home remodeling chores.

Saves Time

Home improvement tasks involve plenty of time. This is even more correct if you plan to build something. Projects such as deck building or home additions require weeks. If you take these projects yourself, you’ll expend months before the project is complete. Still, you may not be satisfied with your work.

So, why not hire Hawley and Sons Construction, a general contractor in Davis, California for the job? An expert contractor, such as Hawley & Sons Construction, will finish the work in a lot less time. Today, time means money. While the contractor undertakes the project, you can use your valuable time for other important chores.

Material Quality

Some homeowners are extremely handy with DIY chores. They’re able to fix minor problems effectively. In spite of being handy, a majority of these homeowners don’t get any success in home remodeling tasks. They hire skilled daily wage workers and follow the DIY guide properly. Plus, they’re comfortable and confident with carrying tasks on their own.

Still, the outcome is poor work. This is more so in the case of major tasks such as deck building. Within no time, the deck comes off. The situation is no different with other renovation chores. So, where do they lag?

The main reason for poor work is inferior quality materials. No matter how intelligent you are, a material supplier can easily take advantage of your situation. He may supply you with poor quality materials. If this is the case, the patio or the repairing work will lead to a disaster.

When you appoint a general contractor in Davis, California for the job, Hawley & Sons Construction ensures quality at all levels. Reputed home improvement contractors have connections with reliable material suppliers. Also, they can easily check and figure out the quality of the materials. As such, any issue is rooted out before the repairs or construction work is undertaken. Consequently, you enjoy quality work.

Saves Money

Most homeowners pursue a DIY tenure to save money. They assume that the expertise of a general contractor might cost them dearly. However, most of these DIY enthusiasts end up draining their bank account on poorly done work. Perhaps, they’re cheated by the material supplier. Maybe, they bought expensive tools that weren’t useful during the project.

It could also be the case that they took a month for the work which could have been completed within a few days. In such a situation, they might have expended too much money on daily wage workers and other fixed expenses. The try to cut corners on employing a contractor quickly becomes a more costly affair.

Hiring a home improvement contractor in Davis, California, on the other hand, saves you loads of money. First of all, the work will be finished in a lot less time. This, in turn, will reduce your daily labor cost. Secondly, the contractor will buy materials from a reputable supplier at a wholesale rate. Also, any instances of reworks and mistakes are already rooted out during the planning phase. If you total up all these benefits, you’ll comprehend that a reliable contractor can save you plenty of money.


As a layman, you may not have enough experience in fixing issues with plumbing or installing a new fence. The lack of experience could keep you from taking up the task on your own. If you still pursue a DIY route, you’ll repent later on. As well as spending more than required, you’ll waste your time and efforts on poorly completed work.

Home improvement contractors carry years of experience in building and fortifying a slew of repairs. Whether you want to clean the exterior of your house through pressure washing or need help with interior painting, these professionals have hands-on experience in all such chores. With a handy contractor by your side, home remodeling tasks become easy.

Insured Risk

Any home improvement task encompasses risks and damages. However, most homeowners don’t perceive these risks while taking up a DIY route. Things get complicated in the process, and injuries and damages become apparent. If the injuries are severe, you or someone in your close contacts may find himself in a hospital for days. Similarly, structural damages could a heavy toll on your budget. Now, you’ve to deal with two tasks.

Firstly, you have to fix the damages. Secondly, you need a professional for your ongoing home renovation project. So, why not avert these incidents in the first place. When you choose an experienced general contractor, you don’t have to worry about these issues. The contractor’s insurance coverage will reimburse you for injuries and structural damages.

Best Results

Homeowners desire to get the best outcome for their home improvement projects. They want that every detail is well-attended without any mistakes. Why? People give utmost importance to their living place. In spite of this vital fact, they take up a DIY route for most remodeling projects. However, their zeal and desire to transform their home go in vain.

The question – How can you expect better results without any knowledge and skills of the renovation field? When you long for quality, you need professional help. That kind of professional help and expertise are tendered by a proficient general contractor. Such professionals at Hawley & Sons Construction have undergone training and possess skills to take up all kinds of renovation chores. As such, they’re in a much better position to deliver the best possible results as you wish.


Many people hire a novice contractor in Davis, California for the job. Such a person charges less money because he’s just getting started in the field. You may think that you’ll save enough money through an amateur contractor. However, the newbie contractor won’t offer any warranty on the services. Even issues with plumbing or fencing aren’t warranted.

The completed project may likely pose issues later on. Perhaps, the plumbing isn’t fixed properly. Maybe, the newly installed fencing (through the contractor) is loose and comes off during the windy weather. You may avert all such undesirable episodes through an experienced general contractor. Such a contractor in Davis, California gives a warranty on the services. If you face any issue within the warranty period, you can have the problem fixed through the contractor. For that, you don’t have to pay a dime.

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, it gets crystal clear that hiring a general contractor for home renovations is a better bet. Whether you need help with painting, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, plumbing, fencing, or fire damage repair, a reputable home improvement contractor will help out with these chores. Reliability, best results, warranty, quality, insured risks, etc. are some of the important perks of employing a contractor for home renovation chores. This is why most homeowners hire these professionals from time to time. If you want to enjoy quality work without undergoing hassles, contact Hawley & Sons Construction in Davis, California and say bye-bye to your worries.

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