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Our Story

Honoring a Legacy of  Excellence in Construction in Sacramento


Hawley & Sons is renowned for its commitment to excellence in building and remodeling homes and commercial spaces, offering services like new construction, home remodeling, handyman repairs, and kitchen and bathroom renovations. Our legacy underlines our dedication to quality in the Sacramento Valley and beyond. We have done all this while making a significant impact in our communities.

Thanks to your support, we have not only achieved great success in construction but have also contributed to local and global causes. From helping the elderly and feeding the homeless in Sacramento, to building hospitals in Africa, your trust in us has extended benefits far beyond our local communities.

Our History and Evolution

Warren III’s experience spans from working in various construction trades in Boston to studying refrigeration, eventually joining his father in Sacramento, and contributing to the family business. As the Painting business grew, Hawley & Sons evolved to meet the growing needs of its clients. This evolution led us to obtain our General Contractors License, enabling us to undertake larger-scale projects to meet the demands of our clients

Warren Hawley Jr.’s semi-retirement in 2010 didn’t slow down his collaboration with his son, contributing to many projects either freely helping people or house flips, and fire/water damage restoration. Before his passing in 2015 Warren Jr’s last project was helping rebuild a fire-damaged home Warren III bought for his family, a poignant testament to his enduring legacy of helping one another. Although Warren Jr. did not get a chance to enjoy gathering at Warren III’s home, his heart of help remains and continues through his son and the business.