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Specialty Woodworking

Hawley & Sons Construction is your premier choice for Specialty Woodworking in Sacramento. Our skilled craftsmen bring your unique woodworking projects to life with precision and artistry. From custom cabinetry to intricate wood detailing, we transform your ideas into beautiful, functional pieces that enhance your space. With a passion for quality and a commitment to excellence, we create one-of-a-kind woodworking solutions that reflect your style and vision.

Trust Hawley & Sons Construction for exceptional specialty woodworking that adds character and elegance to your Sacramento home or business. Elevate your surroundings with our masterful woodworking craftsmanship.

We Build for Your Comfort

Discover the art of Specialty Woodworking in Sacramento, CA with Hawley & Sons. Our expert craftsmen specialize in unique, custom wood creations, bringing a touch of elegance and bespoke craftsmanship to your Sacramento home or business. From intricate furniture to detailed architectural features, our woodworking is a testament to quality and artistry.

Custom Cabinetry

Discover unparalleled personalized style in Sacramento, CA through Hawley & Sons’ Custom Cabinetry services. Our seasoned team specializes in creating exquisite, made-to-measure cabinetry that harmonizes seamlessly with your living space while expressing your distinctive preferences. Elevate your Sacramento residence with our unrivaled craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to meticulous detail in every bespoke cabinetry project. Experience the epitome of customized luxury with Hawley & Sons.

Doors & Furniture

Elevate your Sacramento space with our premium doors and furniture services. Specializing in bespoke designs, we bring a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal to your home or office. Our skilled team crafts high-quality, durable doors and furniture, tailored to fit Sacramento’s unique style. Whether it’s a classic, elegant look or a modern, chic vibe, we create pieces that transform your space and reflect your personal taste. Trust us to enhance your Sacramento property with our exceptional craftsmanship.

Structural Woodworking (Trusses, Beams)

Elevate your Sacramento projects with our expert structural woodworking services. Specializing in trusses and beams, we combine strength with aesthetic appeal. Our skilled craftsmen use top-quality materials, ensuring durability and beauty for Sacramento’s diverse architectural styles. Trust our expertise for structural integrity and stunning designs that enhance your building’s character.

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Specialty Woodworking Services:

  • Custom Woodworking:
    • Custom woodwork
    • Bespoke woodworking
    • Artisan woodworking
    • Handcrafted woodwork
    • Tailored wood projects
  • Cabinetry Design:
    • Custom cabinets
    • Cabinet craftsmanship
    • Unique cabinet solutions
    • Handmade cabinetry
    • Artistic cabinet design
  • Built-In Furniture:
    • Built-in bookshelves
    • Custom entertainment centers
    • Integrated storage solutions
    • Bespoke shelving
    • Custom-built furniture
  • Wooden Countertops:
    • Custom wood countertops
    • Handcrafted kitchen counters
    • Artisanal countertop design
    • Unique wood surface options
    • Bespoke kitchen islands
  • Wood Paneling:
    • Custom wood paneling
    • Wall covering solutions
    • Artisan wall panels
    • Handcrafted wood walls
    • Unique paneling designs
  • Custom Doors and Windows:
    • Handmade wooden doors
    • Artisanal windows
    • Custom entryways
    • Unique interior doors
    • Crafted window frames
  • Staircase Design:
    • Custom staircases
    • Artisanal staircase construction
    • Handcrafted railings
    • Unique staircase designs
    • Tailored steps
  • Wood Trim and Molding:
    • Custom wood trim
    • Artisanal molding
    • Handcrafted crown molding
    • Unique baseboards
    • Tailored trimwork
  • Wood Finishing Techniques:
    • Custom wood finishes
    • Hand-applied finishes
    • Artisanal staining
    • Unique wood distressing
    • Tailored paint techniques
  • Restoration and Repairs:
    • Antique wood restoration
    • Vintage woodwork repairs
    • Custom wood refurbishment
    • Artisanal wood restoration
    • Tailored repairs
  • Exotic Wood Species:
    • Custom exotic wood projects
    • Artisanal rare woodwork
    • Handcrafted unique wood species
    • Tailored hardwood solutions
    • Specialty wood options
  • Collaborative Design Process:
    • Personalized design consultations
    • Collaborative woodworking projects
    • Tailored design solutions
    • Custom project planning
    • Client-focused craftsmanship
  • Fine Woodworking:
    • Fine woodworking services
    • High-quality wood craftsmanship
    • Artistic wood creations
    • Precision woodworking
    • Fine woodworking finishes